A2 B1 Fireproof Aluminum Composite Panel

Which in mechanical and propertity of Super Weather Resistance After Processed with PVDF Coating , the fireproof aluminium composite panel has the advantage of excellent weather reistance ,anti-corrosion .anti pollution and anti ultraviolet , exposed in the outdoor for long per:iod ,the E is still less than 5 after 10 years ,the glossy rate still can be kept above 60% ; Maintainablity of fireproof brushed aluminum composite panel :Excellent flatness,easy to maintenance and clean .even though we use the clean water or ordinary clearner to wash the panel ,it still can be fresh as before ;Stability of the coating :Adopted roller coating procession, compared with other building material , our procession technology is even more easire to control the stability of coating thickness , moreover ,it is no color difference .;Resistance to chemical reagents:Acid resistance , alkaline resistance ,salt sprayreistance , it can stand any possible testing understand the bad weather condition.; Light weight :Adopted low density polyethylene (LDPE)as the core material . so the weight per square meter is only 2.8kgs .4mm thickness outer panel is only 5.5kgs per square meter ,so it can reduce the load of the building and the earthquake disaster .not only easy to transportable .but also can reduce the cost ; Easy to Installation :Simple processing ,Various Modalities . It could be processed to various forms and has much process .such as cutting ,bending ,puching ,sticking ,and painting ;Sound Insulation :4mm thickness panel , its effect of sound insulation is approximately 2 times than other building materials ; Heat Insulation :Because LDEF core has good effect of head insulation,so it is better than the other building materials.